What we do


Welcome to Senior Services. We offer downsizing and re-location services to older people across the South and South East of England, taking the anxiety, worry and hard work out of the moving process. Our clients benefit from professional, independent advice, practical assistance, emotional support and a single point of contact every step of the way.

The foundation of our business is trust; we treat our clients as we would our own loved ones, with dignity, compassion and respect. Senior Services work with individuals, families, trusted associates, professional services and alongside health and care professionals.


We also work with other experienced senior move businesses, offering a high quality and cost effective relocation service across the UK. We can help you or your loved ones make a seamless move, wherever you live or wherever you are moving to.


Our fees


Senior Services recognises that every person and every situation is different. We will put together a customised plan that meets your individual requirements, is effective, affordable and in a time frame that works for you.

  • We always begin with a free consultation. We ask about your current situation, your concerns and any future plans you may have, so we fully understand your specific needs.

  • We explain how our service works and our fee structure.

  • We will prepare a proposal for your consideration, based on the information you have given us, the level of support and assistance you require and our own experience.

  • Once accepted, we issue a contract together with our terms and conditions.


Where we need to use outside contractors (e.g. removals, cleaning companies) we can obtain quotes and submit them to you. We oversee and manage all third parties, providing the single point of contact and ensuring you get the best price for the quality of service you require.



If you’d like an informal chat to see how we can assist you,
call us now on 07939 042 805.