1. Relocate or Downsize


Moving home is difficult at any time and we understand that in later life it can be a particularly daunting prospect. You may not know where to begin and find the prospect overwhelming. Your family may be unable to assist or live too far away. This is where Senior Services comes in. We can help you make an informed decision about your next move and assist with all aspects of relocation.

Moving an older person calls for special attention and support. Whether moving yourself or a loved one, to a new neighbourhood or different part of the country, downsizing for retirement or moving to assisted living, we take the worry and hard work off your shoulders. We provide personal support to you and your family and a single point of contact. We can assist with as much as you wish, including;

  • Meet with you to ensure we fully understand your needs and requirements

  • Create a customised moving plan and timetable

  • Plan the best use of space in your new home

  • Engage removals company

  • Co-ordinate and oversee the whole move

  • Arrange decoration or refurbishment of your new home

  • Unpack and prepare your new home, so you can settle in immediately

  • Arrange the removal of all boxes and packaging

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2. Prepare for your move


De-clutter your Home


Whether you are downsizing or clearing a loved one’s property, the task of reducing your possessions is time-consuming and can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, Senior Services is here to help. We are compassionate and experienced professional organisers and will work at a pace comfortable for you, to help you sort through your belongings, deciding what to keep, sell, donate or discard. We can also arrange the removal and appropriate disposal of unwanted possessions, including sending items to family members.


Prepare your home for the market


You only get one chance to make a first impression. A property that is well-presented will have a positive impact on potential buyers and is more likely to sell, or let, faster and at a higher price.

We want you to maximise the value in your home and can arrange the following;

  • Refresh your home - paint, paper, repairs

  • Tidy the property and garden

  • Remove clutter and re-organise room space

Sell or let your home


Our experience in residential property enables us to help you when you decide to sell – or let - your home. We can assist in finding the best estate agent for your property and liaise with them and your solicitor, keeping you and your family informed.

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3. Ongoing Support


Change is inevitable in life, but becomes more difficult to deal with as we age, often creating confusion, anxiety and a sense of helplessness. Senior Services offers guidance and ongoing support through times of change, with the following services.


Later Life Plan


Most people wish to remain independent as long as possible, but it takes careful thought and planning; this is where Senior Services can help.

We can review your home and lifestyle to ensure it meets your current stage of life, needs and wishes. We will then draw up a Later Life Plan that enables you to maximise your quality of life and manage your care, comfort and dignity as your needs change over time. This will not only give you peace of mind, but also help your family in the years ahead.


Trusted Guardian


However, if you prefer ongoing support, our Trusted Guardian package is designed to look after your needs and wishes now and in the future. It can be tailored to your individual requirements and provides a range of services, including modifications to your home, to keep you safe and comfortable; de-cluttering; home repairs; garden maintenance; day to day administration and paperwork, including paying bills, dealing with utilities and liaising with any professional advisers.

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