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Change is inevitable in life, but becomes more difficult to manage as we get older, often creating confusion, anxiety and a sense of helplessness. Senior Services offers support through times of change, with the following services:

Later Life Planning

Most people wish to remain independent and in control of their lives as long as possible, but it requires careful thought and planning. By considering your later life housing options now and planning ahead, you will be better placed to enjoy your retirement.

We can help support you through this process – whether staying put or moving to a more suitable property – enabling you to maximise your enjoyment and quality of life and manage your care, comfort and dignity as your needs change over time. This will not only give you peace of mind, but also help your family in the years ahead.


Selling your home

Our experience in residential property enables us to help you when you decide to sell your home. You only get one chance to make a first impression. We can help prepare and present your home for sale, increasing the potential for a quicker sale at the highest price. We can also assist in finding suitable estate agents for your property and offer guidance on how to respond to a wide range of issues that arise during the selling process.


Modifying your home

We can oversee renovations or modifications required to your current or new home. This might include painting and decorating, purchasing furniture or personal items, and arranging the installation of specialist equipment (e.g. hand rails, shower room).


Property clearance and estate matters

Senior Services can arrange and manage all aspects of property clearance, providing support for clients, their families, appointees or executors.


Ongoing Support

Where an older person requires ongoing support, but is on their own or has no family nearby, we can tailor and oversee a package to meet their specific and changing needs. We provide regular reports to family members and ensure their loved ones have the best possible quality of life. Tasks might include re-organising rooms to create a safe living environment; home repairs; garden maintenance; day to day administration and paperwork including paying bills, co-ordinating and monitoring domiciliary care, liaising with utilities and professional advisers.



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