Support for Families


Are you geographically separated from older family members? It can be upsetting knowing you are unable to be there when they need assistance and support.

Helping an older person move brings its own set of challenges which require patience and sensitivity. Whether you live elsewhere in the UK or overseas, we can work closely with you to ensure your loved ones have help they need to make changes in their lives. Our knowledge, skills and experience enable us to support older people through the physical and emotional aspects of change, whether through personal choice or from necessity.


Senior Services can organise and manage entire moves, whether local or longer distance. Perhaps a parent is moving to be closer to family, or moving into their chosen retirement village? We can develop and deliver a plan that meets their specific needs, providing as little or as much support as is required.


We work with the family throughout the moving process, providing a single point of contact, offering advice and keeping them fully informed; this ensures peace of mind for everyone. Rest assured, your loved ones will not be on their own, they will be supported every step of the way.


Where older family members require ongoing support, we offer a range of Other Services that can be tailored to their needs.



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