Whether you are downsizing to a smaller, more suitable property, or de-cluttering your home to reflect your changing needs and life style, the challenge of reducing your possessions can cause upset, stress and exacerbate health conditions.


No need to worry, we are here to help. Senior Services offer personal support to help you to realise the many benefits of streamlining your possessions. As experienced and compassionate professional move managers, we work at a pace that is comfortable to help you sort through your belongings, deciding what to keep, pass on to family, sell, donate or discard. We can arrange for the removal and appropriate disposal of unwanted possessions and make sure treasured items reach family members safely.


Decisions about furniture are very important and several factors need to be considered, including size, function and whether any items hold special memories. To help with this, we can measure your furniture and review your floor-plan to establish what will fit comfortably in your home. We then create a personalised floor-plan using your furniture so you can see how rooms will be laid out and where items can be placed.


"A big thank you to Senior Services. Your service managers are well trained, organised and friendly. I received excellent advice, helpful information and felt supported throughout. A very caring organisation, which I thoroughly recommend."
Mrs S



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