About us


How it all began


The inspiration for Senior Services was borne out of a crisis. Early in 2011, I flew half way round the world to my home town Christchurch, New Zealand, as my father had been taken seriously ill. Soon after arriving, a major earthquake struck, killing 185 people and devastating the city.

Whilst my father was safe in hospital, it was two days before I could reach traumatised elderly relatives and evacuate them from their unsafe home. Despite a critical shortage of housing, I found them rented accommodation and moved the contents of their home to safe storage. I took over all the practical details, liaising with utilities, insurance companies and other services, keeping them fully informed and providing ongoing emotional support. At the same time I was supporting my father’s rehabilitation and we agreed I would take over and manage all his affairs including making his house safe, secure and habitable. When we realised he would not be able to return home, I helped him select and settle into a lovely nursing home, then cleared and rented out the family home. In spite of the chaos and destruction caused by the earthquake and difficulties carrying out the simplest of tasks, l found it deeply satisfying to support and help my elderly relatives through major life changes.


These events brought into focus many of the particular requirements and challenges facing older people and allowed me to use many of my skills and previous experiences. This sparked the idea for Senior Services.


The experienced and committed team at Senior Services has a wide variety of backgrounds, including leading organisations; managing people; administration; coaching and counselling; caring for elderly and disabled; project management; property renovation, repair, maintenance; residential property sales.



Felicity Bunt, Founder and Managing Director